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Our primary function is connecting businesses, organizations and government institutions to the Bensalem community and its residents. We do this in various ways like having weekly networking, monthly meetings and annual events.

Every Friday we meet for breakfast and networking at the Golden Corral 1465 Street Rd. Bensalem PA. 1920 at 8 am. Special price courtesy of owner Jon Kornblau is $7.99 per member. First breakfast is FREE for all new people.

Our monthly meetings are normally on the first Thursday of the month. They can be early in the morning or at lunch time or in the evening. The hosting company is allowed to pick the time of the meeting so times will change. Meetings can be at a business or at the Bensalem Police Station or somewhere else. You can check the event page for times and locations of our meetings and meetings are not mandatory for members also. We do recommend them like we do with our networking. They are free to our members.

Our yearly events help us connect with each other and our community that we find nothing else can. They are a production and costly so we have to pass the cost onto our members. For this reason, there is a charge for the yearly events we have. We also have sponsorship opportunities with the yearly events.

Here are the Events that we have coming up:
Annual BBD Picnic, October 5 Bensalem Fall Festival Car Show Sponsors and then we have our Annual Holiday Dinner in December 13 at the Bensalem Country Club.

 We believe so much in what we are doing that we give new members complementary membership for the REST of the calendar year.

​Bensalem has over 63,000 residents, and in any given day has an additional 187,000 bringing you a total of 250,000 potential customers for your business. Exits from Pennsylvania Turn Pike, I-95 and Route 1 make Bensalem easy access for anyone who wants to shop and do business here. Bensalem has the most profitable Casino (PARX) in Pennsylvania and over 2,600 businesses here. Bensalem has been rated as one of the top 50 places to live in America. Benefits of having or doing business in Bensalem are endless.

​* The Bensalem Business Directory reserves the right to deny membership to any applicant. The            BBD takes no responsibility for the actions of any of the members of the organization as we are not a representative of any specific member. We encourage everyone to be morally and ethically responsible in all matters. If your actions are deemed unethical BBD reserves the right to remove you from our membership with no notice.


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